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How to Know When You Need a Roof Replacement in Lucas County, OH

Your roof is the hardest working part of your home. Think about it: It must protect you, your family, your possessions, and your home from everything Mother Nature has to throw at you. Wind, rain, ice, snow, and sunshine can cause damage to your roof over time. That’s why most shingle roofs have an effective life of 25 years. If your Lucas County, Ohio, roof is nearing that age or has been prematurely damaged, it may be time for a roof replacement. Frogtown Roofing Plus is your go-to roof replacement company in Lucas County, including in the Toledo, Maumee, Sylvania, and Oregon areas.

Reasons Why You May Need a Roof Installation Early

If your roof has been damaged by the elements, its life may be shortened. Signs of roof damage include:

  • Missing shingles from high winds
  • Granules collecting in your gutters or around your downspouts
  • Shingles that are cracked, warped, or curling
  • Impact damage from hail or tree branches
  • Water damage on your ceilings or walls
  • Mold, rotting wood, or water-damaged items in your attic
  • Drooping or sagging
  • Mold, moss, or algae buildup
  • Rusted or leaking gutters


Let Frogtown Roofing Plus, the area’s premier roof installation company, come evaluate the extent of the damage to your roof and determine whether you can get away with a roof repair or if you need a full roof replacement.

Why You Should Choose Frogtown Roofing Plus for Your Roof Replacement

Frogtown Roofing Plus is a local roofing company with deep community ties. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and have earned a 4.9-star average on Google with over 110 reviews. We’re certified by the manufacturers of the products we install, letting us offer industry-leading 25-year warranties on our workmanship. And we offer financing to qualified customers. Most importantly, we have a long list of satisfied customers, and we look forward to adding your name to that list. Contact us today to learn more about roof replacement for your Lucas County, OH, home.

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