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A Roofing Company That Leaps Above The Rest For Customer Service

For more than a decade, Frogtown Roofing Plus has been earning the trust and admiration of homeowners in the Toledo, Ohio, area with our exceptional roofing services. In fact, we have garnered numerous five-star reviews for our efforts. If you’re looking for a roofing company that will deliver worry-free solutions for your home, you’ve come to the right place.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve our customers with professionalism, passion, and distinction to deliver the unprecedented roofing experience they deserve.

Our Core Values

  1. Create a Positive, Safe Work Environment
  2. Teamwork Is Key
  3. Quality Is Everything
  4. Be Authentic
  5. Exemplify GRIT
  6. Be Grateful, Appreciative, Thankful, and Humble
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Our Services

The Best Roofing Company For Your Home

As a professional and licensed roofer, we specialize in roof replacement and repair services. To provide optimal updates for our valued customers, we install high-performance CertainTeed Integrity Roof Systems that are designed for long-lasting weather protection. And because we hold the highest-credentialed certification from the manufacturer, we are able to back our work with Five-Star Warranty protection.

To make your project as easy and stress free as possible, we’ll follow a detailed process that includes a full roof inspection, a friendly and helpful product consultation, and an impeccable installation. During your consultation, we’ll provide a price-lock guarantee, which ensures the free quote we give you will be what you pay—no worries, no surprises.

Proudly Local

At Frogtown Roofing Plus, we named our company to reflect our deep roots in the Toledo community. In fact, before it was developed into the modern city it is now, Toledo was a swampland where frogs outnumbered people. We are a local roofing company that is proud to serve homeowners in the area.

Experience the Difference

To learn how we can meet your roofing needs and experience the same high level of customer service that has made us a highly regarded roofing company among local homeowners, contact Frogtown Roofing Plus today.