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What Makes A Good Roofing Contractor

To help guide your roofing contractor search, use this list to find a trustworthy, reliable roofing contractor.

1. The Contractor has Licensing and Proof of Insurance

While not all cities require licensing for roofing contractors, it is best to find a contractor that is licensed. Licensing means the contractor passed specific training and testing before obtaining General Contractor status. Licensing also ensures that the contractor has general liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation insurance. These both serve to protect the contractor and the homeowner. Worker’s Compensation prevents you from bearing the financial burden if a contractor is injured on the job. On the other hand, liability insurance offers you protection if a contractor damages your home while they work on it.

2. The Contractor Has Training and Certifications

Ask the roofing contractor what training they offer employees. Some shingles manufacturers provide product training to installers to ensure their shingles are properly installed. In addition, ask what certifications their installers have, so you know you can trust their work.

3. The Contractor Offers a Written Contract

All contractors should provide a written contract to protect you. If the contractor does not provide this written contract, this is a red flag, and you should look elsewhere. This contract should outline the payment, the schedule, the services provided, and the materials used. This includes a payment schedule, start and end dates, the roof inspection, the roofing materials used, the cleanup offered, a list of subcontractors, and future repair/replacement.

4. The Contractor can Confirm Permits

While the permits are the responsibility of the homeowner, contractors should look to confirm this with you before they begin their work. Reach out to the local building authority to make sure you have the proper building permits.

5. The Contractor Works Safely

Verify the contractor has fall arrest protection, as this is required by law for heights of 10 feet and higher. In addition, ask for the contractor’s working heights training card that proves they’ve had the training to work safely from heights. Finally, contractors must provide all their employees with OSHA-approved equipment.

6. The Contractor Offers References

The contractor should be eager to provide references from previous clients. Contact these clients to hear from an unbiased source. You can even ask for pictures of the work the contractor provided.

7. The Contractor Performs a Physical Inspection

The contractor’s immediate task should be to get on your roof to physically perform a roof assessment. From here, the contractor can identify areas of concern that might need to be addressed, including chimney deterioration, skylight conditions, wood frame damage, damaged flashing, and more. This should be done at the beginning of the project, so the likelihood of unexpected repairs later is unlikely.

8. The Contractor Performs a Full Attic Inspection

Not everything can be assessed with an exterior roof inspection. By going into the attic, warning signs like rotted wood, improper or lack of ventilation, or water accumulation and/or damage can be assessed. Without a thorough attic inspection, these issues could be unknown, causing serious problems to your new roof and its installation. You wouldn’t want your brand-new roof to be jeopardized by this oversight.

9. The Contractor Offers a Realistic Price

A low price upfront may indicate surprise charges later or could indicate an inadequate job. Either way, you certainly don’t want to risk either situation. An exceptionally low price is a red flag. As an integral part of your home, you’ll have to spend more to ensure a long-lasting roof.

When it comes to your roof, you can’t rely on just anyone. To make sure you get the best quality and service, make sure the roofing contractor you pick can meet these standards above.

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