The Importance of Attic Ventilation

May 25, 2022


Ventilation in your attic is an essential part of your roofing system, and should be one of the top concerns of any roofing contractor you hire. Ventilation is the flow of air in and out of a given space, in this case your attic. Proper ventilation can help reduce wasted energy costs, reduce indoor temperature extremes, and significantly extend the life of your roof.


In the summer, good ventilation helps keep heat from building up in your attic. This not only helps reduce the load on your air-conditioner, it will extend the life of your roof deck and shingles by reducing expansion that happens when exposed to high temperatures. Without ventilation, that heat will get trapped in your roof, potentially causing damage and weakening the roofing system.

In the winter, a constant flow of cold air under the roof deck can help prevent ice dams and icicles from forming, reducing the weight that is being held by your roof. Year-round, proper ventilation also helps guard against the creation of mold and rot by helping reduce the amount of moister in the attic air, further improving the life span of your roof and roof deck.


Attics need to breathe in all climates. Proper attic ventilation will help increase home comfort, help ensure the life and performance of roofing materials, and may reduce utility bills. Several purposes of an attic ventilation system are to provide added comfort, to help protect against damage to materials and structure, and to help reduce energy consumption – during all four seasons of the year.

An effective attic ventilation system provides year-round benefits. During warmer months, ventilation helps keep attics cool, reducing stress on the shingles and roof deck. During colder months, ventilation reduces moisture to help keep attics dry and prevents snow and ice from sticking and weighing your roof down.


The majority of roofing manufactures require a properly ventilated roofing system to qualify for their Lifetime Roof Warranties. If something were to happen to your roof and you need to make a warranty claim, they will come out to inspect your attic and ventilation system to make sure it is compliant. Inadequate ventilation is one of the most common reasons for roofing systems to fail, and it can cost you a lot of money and headache if not addressed properly during the installation. Don’t let this happen to you!

Frogtown Roofing treats proper attic ventilation as a priority, not an afterthought. It’s one of the first things we evaluate when we assess your home, to ensure that the roof we’re putting on is going to last its full lifespan. We do everything we can to ensure that your roof is going to last as long as possible, and will protect your home completely for decades to come. Make sure you’re putting your roof in the hands of trustworthy professionals who have your best interests in mind.