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The Difference Between Seamless and Regular Gutters

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While both seamless and regular gutters serve the same purpose, they have two different designs. Both offer protection from water damage to your home by bypassing water from your home’s foundation and basement. However, seamless gutters are considered the more effective and long-lasting of the two.

Regular Gutters

Regular gutters come in precut sections that are attached at assembly. Typically, these gutters are cut in 10 to 20-foot sections, meaning there are seams at each attachment of two sections. While each gutter is joined together with connectors and is sealed at the joint, the potential for leakage over time is still a risk. Regular gutters can come in vinyl, steel, or traditional copper and aluminum. Each presents potential leaks and therefore the need for repair. Too, the seams could cause a buildup of debris, meaning you’ll have to clear it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Vinyl gutters are the cheapest option and are simple to install. In fact, these gutters have been installed by homeowners themselves. However, the material is not known for its durability. If the vinyl gutters are exposed to excessive dryness, heat, or extreme cold, they can crack and break. Too, as it is the weakest material, heavy rains are more likely to damage these gutters than the other options. A much more durable material for gutters is steel. Steel can usually weather high heat, heavy rain, and heavy snow. Over time, though, steal can certainly rust. Again, this gutter option runs the risk of leakage. As with vinyl, it too is susceptible to a build-up of debris at its seams. On the other hand, copper and aluminum gutters are not susceptible to rust. With regular maintenance, these gutters can last decades. While they are less likely to damage, of course, they might be susceptible to leakage if the connectors at the seams are damaged. Of the regular gutters, these are the most reliable.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are just that: seamless. They are continuous around the length of the roof and are made from either aluminum, copper, or painted steel. These gutters have joints at the corners as opposed to connectors. Because of their lack of seams, these gutters are the least likely to have leakage. Too, there is no longer a risk of the build-up of debris at the seams because there are no seams to cause a blockage. Thanks to this, they are now the most popular gutter option. While seamless gutters are the more expensive option, they require less maintenance and last longer than regular gutters. Over time, though, they can become the cheaper option as they do not need to be replaced as frequently, and they are less likely to be damaged.

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