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Your roof protects your family and possessions, but high winds and freezing temperatures will damage your roof over time. Toledo winters are notorious for leaving sagging and missing shingles, exposing your home to moisture and snowmelt — which makes now the right time to have a fully insured and licensed roofing contractor appraise the condition of your roof.

Frogtown Roofing is Northwest Ohio’s full-service roof replacement expert. Our professionals have the experience to perform a full roof replacement that is done right, fast. Fight back against the freeze and have us inspect your existing roof to assess your replacement needs.

Full Service Roof Removal and Replacement

The best time for successful full roof replacement is from late spring to early fall, but emergency roofing contractors with experience like Frogtown Roofing can install a replacement roof year round, considering a few variables like size, pitch, accessibility and cost of materials.


The larger full roof replacement projects are a bigger investment. Is there a chimney? Are there skylights requiring customization? We’ll review each feature carefully to ensure the most accurate scope of work and cost.


The roof’s pitch plays a big part in safety planning for our professionals — the steeper the pitch, the greater the precautions. More time is required to carefully maneuver across the surface of a deeply pitched roof, and roofing contractors typically must invest in additional insurance.


Parking a service vehicle close to the roof being replaced is important since heavy bundles of shingles must be delivered to workers on top of the building. It takes considerable time and effort to move shingles upward, but we know all the tricks of the trade from years of experience performing full roof replacements.


We have experience with all types of durable roofing materials: asphalt, slate, tile, metal and wood are among the most popular Toledo area roof replacement choices. Choosing a color that matches the structure being covered is another facet of replacement roofing design.

Toledo’s Most Experienced Roofing Contractors

It’s critical that your roof is ready for harsh conditions — especially in Toledo. When frigid temperatures cause water to solidify on a roof, building overhangs and soffits are first to freeze. Heat loss from your home causes the bottom of the ice and snow to melt, but not the top. Water drains to the lowest edge of your roof, but is blocked from the gutter by the remaining frozen mass. Water then backs up and begins to enter the structure at different points.

When you enlist the help of Frogtown Roofing, experts in full roof replacement, you’ll be able to foresee and prevent ice damming and a leaking roof.

Frogtown is the full-service roofing contractor you can trust to get the job done right the first time. Call us today for your full roof replacement!

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