Roofing Warning Signs You Should Be Looking For

May 5, 2021

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Toledo area homeowners should be doing a visual inspection of their home at least once a year, typically recommended in early spring, to assess the winter damage and see if any problems exist with their roof. Like any problem with your home, the earlier you can find problems with your roof, the easier and less expensive it will be to fix.

Below are some of the early warning signs you can keep an eye out for on your roof, to help you identify small problems before they become much more serious.

Maybe you think you don’t need to consider installing a new roof until your current one is leaking. But you’d be wrong. By the time you notice a leak, the structure of the roof has already been damaged. Any repair work or new installation will cost even more with already existing structural damage, so it’s wise to look for warning signs that your roof is ready to be replaced.


Do I Need to Install a New Roof?

There’s no time like the present to examine your roof for signs that it needs to be replaced. We’ve come up with several questions to guide you as you consider a new roof installation for your home.

How Old is My Current Roof?

For an asphalt shingle roof, high-quality materials and proper installation will last you upwards of 25 years, if not longer. Part of it depends on the number of shingle layers and whether it’s properly ventilated. If you’re not sure, have a Frogtown roof inspector take a look.

Are My Shingles Lines Straight or Sagging?

Sagging shingle lines or other irregularities might mean the underlying sheathing is rotting. Look carefully at the valleys, where most precipitation flow on the way to the gutters.

Are There Bits of Asphalt Roofing in the Gutter?

During your biannual gutter cleaning, you might notice little pieces of asphalt collecting in the gutters, which indicates degrading shingles.

Do My Shingles Look Worn?

The older shingles are, the more likely they’ve begun to break down. You might see curling, cracking or missing shingles, which means your roof is in need of repair.

Is My Chimney Flashing Tar or Cement?

Chimneys are particularly vulnerable, which is why longer-lasting, water-tight metal flashing is a great option for your roof.

Is There Evidence of Leaking In My Attic?

During or after substantial rain, check your attic for any moisture or leaking, as well as any light coming through the roof boards.

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, call Frogtown Roofing today at (419) 466-2131 and get an accurate assessment for your roofing installation or repair from our expert roof inspectors!