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Frogtown Roofing

Frogtown Roofing is Toledo's specialist in residential roof repair services. Our team of roofing experts can repair every part of your roof, from minor holes and leaks to major roofing damage caused by winds, storms or falling debris. We've worked on hundreds of Toledo-area homes to provide reliable, affordable roofing repair that keeps you and your home safe from water and weather damage.

It takes a true roof expert to repair or reinstall any of the components needed for a secure roof. Your roof is actually made up of a complex structure of shingles, insulation barriers, ventilation outlets, flashing and weather-proofing material, all designed to keep your house safe from water and weather.

As one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Toledo, Frogtown can get the job done. Our roof work is proof we’re best in people, product and price!

Economical Pricing & Products

We focus on providing high-quality residential roofing products with a low lifecycle cost, so you can rest assured your home is safe and secure for a long while without spending more than you need.

Best Roofing Options

We offer a broad selection of residential roof solutions that will meet your needs. We specialize in metal roofing systems, which are the go-to choice in the residential roofing market these days — and for good reason. Metal roofing systems are durable, flexible in design and efficient in heat and rainwater distribution.

Expert Team

Our reliable residential contracting roofers and repair technicians are committed to your complete satisfaction. We guarantee our wide array of roofing solutions will do the job right the first time, no matter the type of structure. With dependable workmanship and excellent customer service, it’s no wonder we’re one of the most reliable roof contractors for homes in Toledo, Maumee and Sylvania.

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