Price Lock Guarantee

Frogtown Roofing

Price Lock Guarantee requires a complete physical assessment of your roofing system by Contractor including inspection of exterior roof and attic space/underside of current roof system. Guarantee includes any additional deck replacement, shingles and/or other roofing material quoted in original contract up to $999.00 above originally contracted price. Some restrictions may apply including, but not limited to: property structural issues not noted in original contract, Acts of God, and/or third party acts or omissions outside of the control of Contractor excluding increases in materials and/or labor. In the event Contractor determines additional work and/or materials are required over and above the $999.00 Price Lock Guarantee amount, Contractor will provide property owner with a written estimate of the required work and associated costs and receive written authorization for the additional charges prior to completing said additional work. In the event said additional charges exceed the $999.00 Price Lock Guarantee amount, property owner will receive a credit of $999.00 for additional work and materials provided by Contractor. If property owner declines the additional cost above the $999.00 then he/she will be required to pay for work completed although work may not be completed per original contract.