Gutter Repair and Replacement

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Frogtown Roofing

An important part of keeping your home safe from rain, snow and water damage is your gutter and drain system. Gutters work to carry water and precipitation away from the home, to help prevent flooding and water damage to the foundation. Gutters can also help prevent water from freezing on the roof, causing damage and unnecessary weight and stress on the frame of your home. Having a fully functioning gutter system is an important part of keeping your home safe from water and weather.

When gutters begin to rust or corrode from age, or are damaged by falling trees or high winds, it can impact their ability to carry water away from your home. Clogged or damaged gutters are not just an eyesore, they can result in significant damage to your roof or home if left unfixed. The professional roofing contractors at Frogtown Roofing are able to repair or replace damaged or ineffective gutters as part of our roofing repair system.

Residential Gutter Repair

Many roofing contractors only focus on the problem, usually leaking roofs, without looking at the cause, which can typically be ineffective or damaged gutter system. Frogtown Roofing is a Toledo area expert in gutter repair and replacement, able to get your gutter and drain system functioning back at 100%. We are able to work in steel, aluminum or copper gutters, and can work on nearly any residential home in the Toledo area.

Our Gutters and Downspouts Services Include:

  • 5" and 6" seamless gutters
  • 2" X 3" and 3" X 4" downspouts
  • New construction gutter installation
  • Replacement gutters
  • Steel or aluminum gutters
  • Gutter protection systems

Our team of Toledo area roofing experts know how important functioning drains and gutters are to having a long lasting roof. If you believe that your gutters are in need of repair or replacement, or think that ineffective drainage may be part of your roof leak problem, call the roofing and gutter repair experts at Frogtown Roofing today at (419) 466-2131 to schedule a free, onsite quote.