Gutter Protection

An Inexpensive Way to Protect your investment in your home

The cheapest way to make your roof last longer is easy: new gutters and gutter protection!

Having effective drainage of the water from your roof will help extend the life of your roof and prevent leaks and other water damage to the roofing system. Problems with gutters can also cause water build, which adds weight and could potentially damage your roof. Worse when that water freezes, it can cause ice dams to build up, which are a serious concern for any homeowner.

As a standard part of all our roofing inspections, we will examine your gutters, as well, to check for any clogs, leaks, or damage that would prevent them from functioning.

Gutter Protection

Frogtown Roofing offers Leaf Relief gutter protection.

Leaf Relief is a low-profile filtration system that keeps all debris out of your gutters, while still allowing water to flow freely and away from your roof. Leaf Relief has been consistently rated one of the best gutter protection products on the market, and is backed by one of the largest gutter protection companies in America. Learn more about Leaf Relief at

Superior products, designed to work better and more reliably than any other on the market. That’s one more reason to choose Frogtown Roofing.

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