Emergency Roof Repair: Ice Dams and Ice Build Up

Frogtown Roofing

Durable shingles, solid rafters and insulation lining is a good start for protection for your Toledo-area home, but no roof is impermeable. During Northwest Ohio winters, roofs take a beating with freezing and thawing precipitation, chilly high winds and falling, frozen tree branches. Even the most prepared homeowner will have to deal with weather conditions that can do considerable roof damage.

Frogtown Roofing offers unmatched skill and experience for examining and remedying roof emergencies due to unexpected ice or snow damage. We’re rated 5 stars by the Toledo Better Business Bureau, so you can trust us for high-quality emergency roof repair.

Ice Dam Prevention & Removal

When you turn the heat on during winter, warm air rises and heats the top of your attic, melting the snow on your roof and causing it to flow downward to the roof’s lower sections. It freezes again once it hits the colder, lower part of the roof.

This creates an ice barrier, or ice dam, causing the next round of melted snow to pool. This collected water, responding to gravity, finds any crack from an exposed seam or missing shingles, then seeps through into your home, staining walls and ceilings.

At Frogtown Roofing, we’re experienced at providing effective control for ice dams that will help decrease ice buildup and prevent further damage, so your home can remain safe and secure.

Icicles & Ice Buildup

Glistening icicles belong on holiday greeting cards, not on your gutter. Yet, during Toledo winters, icicles are found on almost every home. When they fall, they might injure a person, pet or car, costing significant physical and financial damage.

Frogtown Roofing will repair gutter and roof issues that cause icicles to form. Your house, family and possessions will stay safe as we utilize our many years of expertise to treat you to a first-class repair.

When winter weather comes, Frogtown Roofing is your answer for emergency roof repairs of all kinds. Call us today for a thorough roof inspection to identify any leaks or problems with your roofing insulation — with a guaranteed quote on the spot.