Winter Roofing Tips

Frogtown Roofing

Here in the Toledo area, winter weather can damage homes and our roofs. Extreme temperatures, condensation, ice dams, icicles and heavy snow loads are among some conditions that may damage structures and the contents inside. Leaks can occur, roof braces can buckle, and shingles can separate when winter is upon us with its fluctuating effects upon homes and buildings. Toledo’s roofing experts at Frogtown Roofing are ready to stop roof damage due to the negative effects of winter.

Condensation occurs when a warm surface, like a heated roof, meets with cold winter air, drawing moisture onto the warm surface and collecting there. This extra moisture can leak under roof shingles, and through to attics, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Frogtown Roofing is able to perform a thorough check-up of insulation and ventilation to be sure that condensation is controlled, saving you thousands in damages to your roof and attic as a result.

Ice dams are collections of melted snow that occur when the upper roof area is surrounded by freezing temperatures, but the lower roof area is not. Ice collects with the melted snow freezes on the lower area of the roof, and ice dams cause further damage when gutters aren’t cleaned properly. The melted snow has nowhere to go, and while it tries to find the path of least resistance, it may very well find a crack or small passage into the attic. Careful insulation and good ventilation installed by Frogtown Roofing can halt the damage that melted snow can cause to the structure of your Toledo home, and the contents inside your attic.

Icicles are caused when the sun is out, but the temperature is above freezing, then fluctuates. It is easy to imagine the damage a pointed icicle can cause to a person, their pet, or property located below the icicle when it becomes too heavy to remain attached to the roof. Frogtown Roofing can install simple heating systems to stop dangerous icicles before they begin to form, and review the condition of gutters so melted snow can flow down and away from the edge of a roof.

A pre-winter roof check-up is a quick and easy way to stop winter roof damage, and determine if your Toledo roof is ready to handle the cold weather of Northwest ohio. Call Toledo’s roofing experts at Frogtown Roofing today to be sure that the Ohio winter causes no harm to the roof of your home.