Toledo Full Roof Replacement

Frogtown Roofing

Frogtown Roofing is Toledo and Northwest Ohio’s full roof replacement expert. The roof protects the people and possessions below without much fanfare. But upcoming winter weather make now the right time to have a fully insured and licensed roofing contractor appraise the condition of your roof.

High winds and the freezing temperatures effect a roof over time. Toledo winters are notorious for ruffling shingles and exposing homes to moisture and snow melt. When the damage to your roof has become a problem, Frogtown Roofing has the experience and professionalism to perform a full roof replacement with a team of skilled craftsmen who can move swiftly, to install a replacement roof promptly. So beat the frozen days of Toledo’s upcoming freeze and have Frogtown Roofing inspect your existing roof to assess your replacement needs.

Full Service Roof Removal and Replacement

Full roof replacement is accomplished most successfully in late spring to early fall but emergency roofing contractors, with experience like the professionals at Frogtown Roofing, can install a replacement roof year round.

Variables to consider when budgeting for your full roof replacement are size, pitch, accessibility, and cost of materials. The larger full roof replacement projects equate to a bigger investment. Is there a chimney? Are there skylights that require customization of the roof replacement? Frogtown Roofing will review each feature carefully to ensure the most accurate scope of work and cost.

The pitch of the roof plays a big part in planning for the safety of full roof replacement professionals, because numerous precautions occur with a steeper pitch. More time is required to carefully maneuver across the surface of a deeply pitched roof and the roofing contractor typically invests in additional insurance.

Parking a service vehicle in close proximity to the roof being replaced, is an important consideration because heavy bundles of shingles must be delivered to workers on top of the building. Considerable time and effort are expended in moving shingles upward, and Frogtown Roofing knows all the tricks of the trade from years of experience performing full roof replacements.

Toledo’s Most Experienced Roofing Contractors

Frogtown Roofing has experience with all types of durable roofing materials: asphalt, slate, tile, metal, and wood are among the most popular Toledo area roof replacement choices. Choosing a color that matches the structure being covered is another important facet of replacement roofing design.

When frigid outside temperatures in Toledo cause water to solidify on a roof, building overhangs and soffits are first to freeze. It is critical that a roof is ready for the harsh conditions to come. Heat loss from the building can cause the bottom of ice and snow on overhangs and soffits to melt, but not the top of the frozen snow mass. Water drains to the lowest edge of roof, but is blocked from the gutter by the remaining frozen mass. Water then backs up and begins to seek the path of least resistance and enter the structure at different points. An expert in full roof replacement, like Frogtown Roofing, can foresee this ice damming, and install the proper precautions to preclude a leaking roof.

Call the full service roofing contractors you can trust to get the job done right the first time, call Frogtown Roofing today for your full roof replacement today.