Top Eleven Roofing Warning Signs You Should Be Looking For

Toledo area homeowner should be doing a visual inspection of their home at least once a year, typically recommended in early spring, to assess the winter damage and see if any problems exist with their roof. Like any problem with your home, the earlier you can find problems with your roof, the easier and less expensive it will be to fix.

Below are some of the early warning signs you can keep an eye out for on your roof, to help you identify small problems before they become much more serious.

  1. Missing Granules/Balding Shingles:Granules keep sun off the asphalt shingles, if too much of the shingle surface begins to become exposed it can lead to weather damage.
  2. Moss or Algae Growing Around Shingles: Moss can grow on or around shingles, causing them to separate from the main roof structure. Worse, they hold moisture and dampness against your roof, leading to mold and further water damage
  3. Cracked or Curled shingles:The most obvious example, if your shingles are beginning to curl or break they aren't preventing water and weather from getting into your home. If the damage is in one small spot it can usually be repaired, but if parts of the entire roof are experiencing issues, it may be time for a replacement.
  4. Blisters: These are small bubbles appearing on the shingles, which are caused by moisture in the shingle.
  5. Ceiling Spots: There may issues with a leaking roof caused by ice-damning, failing flashing, leaking skylights, poor ventilation or insulation.
  6. Rotting: Absorption of moisture penetrated down to the mat of the shingle. Typically, this will be found on organic made shingles, which are no longer being manufactured.
  7. Damaged/Missing Flashing:Flashing is the additional sealing material applied around joints, chimneys and other parts sticking out of your roof. If it becomes damaged, it can allow water and moisture to collect in these areas, potentially damaging your roof or the physical structure of your home.
  8. Buckling of Shingles: This may be caused by felt paper wrinkling under the shingles, roof decking failing, poor ventilation and/or shingles be installed over existing shingles (possibly 2, 3, 4 or more layers).
  9. Missing Shingles: Shingles may have been attached to your roof by improper fasteners such as too short of nails or staples. If the roof was installed in the colder months of the year. Shingles have a seal strip on the bottom so it can seal onto the shingle below it. If the weather is too cold than the sealant may never have opportunity to cure and therefore causing the shingle to be blown off in a storm.
  10. Sagging or Bowing Roof: A sagging or bowing roof is typically sign of a serious structural problem with your roof or roof deck, and should be inspected IMMEDIATELY. It doesn't mean your roof is in danger of collapsing, but these types of problems are much easier and less expensive to fix when caught early on.
  11. Your Roof is Over 15 Years Old: In NW Ohio our climates can change dramatically from season-to-season and year-to-year. That is why recommend doing a ground inspection of your roof once it is 15-years or older. You could possibly save yourself a lot of money and frustration by looking for these warning signs. Most roofs are built to last at least 20 years, after which significant repairs or replacement become necessary. This depends heavily on the amount of weather and precipitation your home gets, but here in Toledo, the 20-25 year mark is typically the maximum lifespan for a roof. If your roof is getting towards the end of its useful life, be sure to call a licensed, professional roofing contractor to replace it.

If your Toledo area roof is showing evidence of any of the above issues, or suspect that your roof may be in need of an inspection, call Frogtown Roofing's Toledo roofing contractors today at (419) 466-2131 to schedule an onsite inspection.