Emergency Roof Repair - Snow dams and ice build up

Frogtown Roofing

Toledo area homes are protected by what homeowners believe to be a solid, impermeable roof covered in durable shingles and supported by solid rafters and lined by insulation. These Northwest Ohio roofs take a beating during the winter months, due to freezing and thawing precipitation, chilly high winds, and tree branches which may freeze and suddenly drop onto a residence during cold weather. Frogtown Roofing, rated 5 stars by the Toledo Better Business Bureau, offers their skill and experience to examine your roof and remedy emergency damage caused by cold weather conditions.

Even the most prepared homeowner cannot diagnose unforeseen roof problems, but Frogtown Roofing is ready to take care of the unexpected ice or snow damage that can occur on a roof.

Warm air rises to the top of an attic, and can warm the higher parts of the roof, causing snow to melt, and flow downward to the lower sections of the roof. When it runs into the colder part of the lower roof, it freezes again. This action creates an ice barrier, referred to as an ice dam, and causes the next round of melted snow to pool. This collected water, responding to gravity, seeks an entryway to travel lower, and can find a crack in a seam, then seep through into a home, staining walls and ceilings. Frogtown Roofing knows the methods to control these ice dams, and can help decrease buildup and prevent further damage.

Glistening icicles belong on holiday greeting cards, not on the exposed seam of a home’s gutter. Yet, during Northwest Ohio’s upcoming winter, icicles will be common on most every home. As icicles fall, they may injure an individual or family pet causing pain and damage. Frogtown Roofing can repair gutter and roof issues that cause icicles to form. They explain the roofing problems and use their many years of expertise to treat their clients to a first-class repair.

With winter weather looming, Frogtown Roofing can be your answer to emergency roof repairs of all kinds. Call us today to have your roof inspected, or if you know there are leaks or problems with your roofing insulation, call us for a thourgh inspection. We will provide you a guaranteed quote on the spot.